CEO James Ward, of LGN Revolution Announces, the Purchase of EDC Diamond.

James Ward made the message to all the gang members of LGN Revolution on April 21, 2009 about the purchase and merger with EDC Diamond.

What commit this mean for modern members of LGN Revolution and EDC Diamond, and moreover for new prospects that are looking to join?

CEO James Ward, of LGN Revolution Announces, the Purchase of EDC Diamond.

CEO James Ward, of LGN Revolution Announces, the Purchase of EDC Diamond.

First of all, the phrase of the squad cede passive be the LGN Revolution, that bequeath not mend All the products of EDC Diamond with a value of over $100,000 will be available to all latest LGN Revolution members and new members, along with all the products of LGN Revolution Members of EDC Diamond paid $2750 to hold access to these productsThis is HUGE! Also, the monthly administration remuneration will stay the same

What bequeath this mean for existing EDC Diamond members? In this economy it is very tiring trying to tout a activity that price $2750 to join, family are not ready to honorarium out this friendly of cash Now by being a allowance of the LGN Revolution, that offers three different levels to join, starting from $198 to $998, they are going to find connections that are receptive to earnings that kindly of budgetary to hold a home business, especially with all of the products that LGN Revolution now has to present

To new prospects that are looking to interlock a home business, contract me say this; there is not another program like the LGN Revolution out there that will allot you this much for so little This is a great opportunity to get your undertaking started.

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For the subsequent few weeks the programmers are working fatiguing on implementing all of the changes that need to be done to the LGN Revolution website, including adding all the EDC Diamond products.

I have to prattle this about James Ward, he keeps improving and incipient this side by leaps and bounds, adding value, services, products and initiation to make the LGN Revolution the prime and soon the biggest company on the internet The LGN Revolution what a unique task opportunity

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